You can help the people in Haiti by donating to the One Dome at a Time Emergency Fund. We will do everything we can to help the people of Haiti with immediate needs and long term rebuilding. Your gift will enable us to provide whatever services and relief supplies,blankets , water, food, medicine are most needed. Your help is urgently needed to bring emergency relief to those affected,
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One Dome At A Time (ODAAT) is a Joint venture between Haitian-born musician and entrepreneur, Won-G and Monolithic Dome Experts, David, Andrew and Rebecca South.

One Dome At A Time's mission is to facilitate and promote the construction of safe, green and clean housing worldwide. Such housing made accessible and affordable to all, regardless of their economic position, will establish a foundation upon which sustainable communities can be built. We are committed to preserving family and local traditions while supporting education and economic growth in the communities we serve.

"The partnership between myself and the company Monolithic will be able to change many lives across the world. The organization will build entire communities of energy efficient, low maintenance, hurricane and earthquake resistant homes in developing countries." Won-G

As part of a long term rebuilding strategy, ODAAT is working with the Haitian government
to bring the ECOSHELL technology to Haiti.

The benefits of building EcoShells in Haiti:

  • Will provide economic growth
  • They can be built by hand
  • They use no special equipment except for the reusable airform and a small fan
  • They are built exclusively with local labor
  • They can be built in just one week

The benefits of the ECOSHELLS as a dwelling include:

  • They are hurricane, tornado and earthquake resistant and qualify as "Near-Absolute Protection" as defined by FEMA
  • Are practically fire-proof
  • Are permanent - they will stand for centuries
  • Have no barriers in design - free-span construction
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Use no wood in construction

One Dome at a Time signing

Won-G & ODAAT team up with ACTS World Relief to bring emergency disaster relief to the people of Haiti





To contact the One Dome at a Time Foundation email: [email protected] or call 310-424-5420
. You can also enter COPA Commission for more information.